This is where Carles is located

     CARLES ,  one  of  the  towns of  the province  of  Iloilo, Philippines,   is  located  at  the  heart  of  the  Philippine  archipelago.   It  is  situated  at  the  Northeastern  tip  of  Panay  Island.


     It   lies  141  kilometers   North  of  the  City  of  Iloilo  or  about  293  statute  miles  south  of  Manila. Carles   is   composed   of   33   barangays ,   and  15 of  which  are  found  in  the  mainland    and   18   in  the  islands  and  islets.


     Some people laughed at the name "CARLES" (which by its sound literally mean "no car" because truly there was a scarcity of land transportation before.  But now, passenger jeepneys, buses, vans and private cars transport regularly passengers to and from Carles to any location in Panay Island.


     By  land  transport ,   Carles  can  be reached  within  3  hours  from  the  Provincial  Capital , which  in  turn  is  about  45  minutes  by  direct  flight  from  Manila  or  18  hours  by  the  finest  inter-island  vessels  now  plying  the  route  from  National  Capital.